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Did you know you have to manually check 150+ iTunes stores plus 40+ Google Play locales to see all of your app reviews?

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Right now you're only seeing a fraction of your app reviews.

Apple only shows reviews from your own country in the App Store, providing an incomplete view of what users are saying. We combine ratings from the 150+ App Store countries plus Google Play into one intuitive dashboard.

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Stay notified via multiple channels

Want to share app reviews with your team via Slack? Tweet positive reviews? Assign reviews via Hootsuite? Export reviews to CSV? Or just receive reviews in your email? You're covered.

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Review For Overcast Podcast Player: Great! 

I've used a lot of different podcast apps, but always come back to Overcast. The price is right and it's full of features. Not the fanciest looking app around, but it does the job well!

Response Templates
Response Templates

Quickly respond to reviews

Use our built-in response templates (or create your own custom templates) to easily thank reviewers for their praise, offer an apology, or just show that you are listening.

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