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Why Does Apple Split App Store Reviews By Country?

Published by Sarah on July 12, 2016

Why Does Apple Split App Store Reviews By Country?

If you have ever tried to track app reviews in the App Store, podcast reviews from iTunes, or book reviews in iBooks, you have probably noticed that you can only see reviews from your own country.

So where are the reviews from every other country? Well, as of this writing, Apple has localized storefronts in 130+ countries for apps and podcasts with 50+ storefronts for book sales via iBooks. The stores are independent of each other and users can only access the store connected to the country for their Apple ID. That means users in Canada only see reviews posted by Canadians, folks in Australia only see reviews posted by other Australians users, etc.

While it is possible to see reviews from other countries, it's surprisingly difficult and time consuming. For instance, if you are an app developer you would have to find the RSS feed for your app reviews, then subscribe to 130+ different versions of that RSS feed to cover every App Store territory. If you have four apps that's over 500 RSS feeds to setup. Not fun.

Or, you could just sign up for a free trial at Ratings Catcher and let us do the hard work for you. We'll monitor all of your reviews in each country (plus other sites too: Stitcher for podcasts, Amazon for books, etc.) and notify you via email, Slack, RSS, etc. whenever a new review is posted. Ratings Catcher also makes your reviews easily searchable, sortable, and shareable, helping you make the most of this invaluable data.

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