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Why Should I Sign Up For Ratings Catcher?

Published by Sarah on July 11, 2016

Why Should I Sign Up For Ratings Catcher?

Whether you're an app developer, podcaster, author, or restaurateur, online reviews play an integral role in the success and growth of your product or service. Positive reviews provide valuable feedback on what's working with your customers while negative or mixed reviews can often draw awareness to a problem or possible opportunity. Unfortunately, with online reviews spread across numerous sources it's incredibly time-consuming and tedious to monitor all the valuable (and sometimes...not so valuable) chatter about your company.

Ratings Catcher eliminates the hassle of manually checking your reviews and instead does the hard work for you. With a Ratings Catcher subscription, your reviews and ratings are automatically delivered to you via email, Slack, RSS, and other channels. Reviews are shareable, searchable, and sortable, allowing you to quickly and easily find the value in your review data.

Plus, we also provide tools for review translation, customer outreach, and more. Interested in giving Ratings Catcher a try? Sign up for a free trial to find out if Ratings Catcher is right for you.