Friend Referral Program

How does the friend referral program work?

Our friend referral program is a way for you to receive a discounted Ratings Catcher subscription in exchange for inviting your friends to sign up. Once logged in, visit the Invite Friends tab to find your unique invite URL. Any friends that sign up for a paid account via that URL will register as a referral on your behalf.

How much of a discount do I receive for each referred friend?

The first friend is worth $1/month, the second friend is worth an additional $2/month ($3/month total), the third friend is worth an additional $3/month ($6/month total), etc.

Is there a cap on the monthly discount I can earn?

You can earn up to a $15/month discount (five referrals) applied to your Ratings Catcher subscription. The discount remains as long as your friends keep an active account.

When will I receive my monthly discount?

Your monthly discount will be applied to your account within 15 days of each qualifying referral. A qualifying referral is earned when you refer a new user to Ratings Catcher and said user completes their first payment.

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